If we delve further into how content curation works by asking the question: “what does curation mean,” we’ll be better able to explain it if we choose to define curated content first.

Curated Content

Curated content is an article, blog or social media post that contains well-organized and properly attributed content from an outside source.

Curation, therefore, is the process of finding, organizing, and sharing previously published online content. To be 100% clear, when a writer curates content the resulting content is by no means new. Curated content is, at best, “borrowed” content. However, it appears new to most readers since it is well organized around a specific context or storyline.



A great metaphor for curators is that it is very similar to art gallery managers. Art gallery managers take already made art (content) and arrange it according to a specific storyline that they’d like to achieve in an exhibit. So while the art remains the same at every exhibit, it can be made to appear fresh and exciting as long as the theme (storyline) continuously gets updated or changed.

Who Uses Content Curation?

Many blogs and websites use the curated content. It is an excellent way to drive traffic into sites without creating new content in-house. These sites make use of high-quality content that’s already been written and arrange it with a variety of other sources to make it into something new.



For many individual readers, curated content is also an easy way to stay informed. Curated content often uses the most relevant or newsworthy published content on a given topic and places it on a single platform (article or site). A curated article, for example, could include an Instagram picture, a screenshot of tweeted comments and a quote from a subject matter expert on a certain topic. A curated website could list all the various articles about a single topic on a single page.

The resulting content offers a variety of sources and media; making it a vibrant reading format that many readers can highly enjoy.

Attributing Sources

One of the most important tasks when curating content is to properly attribute the sources used in the article. Not doing so would risk plagiarism and infringement on the original writer’s rights.

Attributing sources can be done manually or via tools and apps. Content Kingpin will teach you how to do both.