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The simple answer to the question: “What is content curation?” or “What does curated content mean?” is – it is the process of finding the most relevant content online, organizing it, and then sharing the content as a new post on your website or social media profile.

Find relevant content –> organize content –> share content

Content curators start by choosing high-quality articles, news, comments, and posts about a certain topic. They then organize their chosen materials into a single post or article depending on the desired context or storyline. Finally, they share the content on their digital platform as new content. In the below article, Tereza Litsa provides various tips for content creation.

8 tips for improving your content creation


The rise of content marketing has brought content creation to the forefront for all businesses. This makes it more important than ever to explore the best ways to create effective content.

The definition of effective content for every business may be different, but in general, it still has to bring you closer to your goals.

That’s why effective content has to resonate with your target readers. You can read the entire article here…

Why Curate Content?


There are two main reasons to curate content: staying relevant and content creation efficiency (ease and speed).

In terms of staying relevant, having a regular stream of fresh and high-quality content allows you to:

  • Reach the top of the search engines ranks
  • Maintain high search engine ranks
  • Keep current readers engaged enough to come back
  • Grow your audience reach (and expand your business!)


In terms of content creation efficiency, content curation will:

  • Significantly shorten the process of creating content
  • Make content creation easier
  • Allow writers to stay clear of creating redundant articles, which often happens when one creates new content from already existing data or materials online.

The Relevance of Saving Time on Content Creation


Regularly creating digital content can be time-consuming. The hours needed for research, writing, editing, and publishing can add up. And if you’re managing multiple digital sites, the hours you’ll need for writing content can grow exponentially very fast.

For individual businesses or small teams, the sheer number of hours needed for content creation eventually eats into the other equally important tasks they’ll need to do to manage their digital platforms. For example, instead of spending a proportionate amount of time for marketing and site maintenance, these tasks may be shortchanged just to satisfy the need to keep creating content.

Finally, content curation can also end up being financially costly. Hiring writers cost money. Hiring subject matter experts and influences, even costlier. If you write your own materials, the time you spend on the task still has monetary value, especially if you end up not doing other important things as a result.

Bottom line, content curation can save you time and money in content creation. And Content Kingpin can show you exactly how!