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So many of us develop content on a regular basis but do very little to promote it. Our content is always lying in a trash with too few people reading it. So, I’m going to talk about 11 ways you can amplify your material. So, now I’m going to break down content marketing into 2 parts. The 1st phase is pre-publishing. Now, what do I mean by pre-publishing? It is the preparation phase.

Who will promote your content?

Now you have to realize one thing that when you are promoting content, you have to think about who is going to promote it for you and ideally if you want your content to have most extensive reach, you will need influencers in that niche that you are talking about to spread the word. So, potentially the first thing that you could do or should do, this might not be possible for every article, but it should be possible for some influencer grooming. Now, what do I make by influencer grooming?

Influencer grooming is where you try to attract the attention of potential professionals or influencers in specific topics that maybe you writing about and the first thing you could do is ego bait. Ego bait is where you mention them in a positive glowing or even negative flame but hopefully, positive lighting where that you attracting their courtesy and attending of their in their love, their adherents and they are able to entice a lot of attention that practice. The second occasion that you are able to do is do a summary. Ask multiple professionals for an input or their views on the topic that you are writing on.

Collaboration can help

Once you do that, you can then follow up and tell them that you have written this article mentioning their inputs and they would be glad to mention you or link to you in their blog affix or even share you on Twitter or Facebook. And maybe the last act that you could do it to influence your outreach is collaborate. Participate with a certain well-known expert who wants to promote. Maybe your article can build up to something where you are helping him promote his event and you are in return benefit from his following.

So, I think it’s a smart thing to do. It might not be possible for all articles that’s why I mentioned that something you can do sometimes once in a while and that’s a good thing to keep in mind. Influencer grooming, influencer outreach and these relationships that you improve can help you go a long way in all future articles that “there’s going” publishing. Now, before you publicize, again I’m talking about the pre-publishing period – a little bit of SEO. You should do keyword research to identify your target audience and then optimize your content.

Now, the first thing, I’m going to go stepwise. These are the things that you can do literally step by step. The first thing that you can do and should do is internal relating. Now, what do I imply by internal linking? You have many other fragments of content, you have countless pages on your place and you will invariably find at the least one if not many more places where you can internally link with the relevant linchpin textbook stopping the specific objectives keyword that you’ve in memory. Remember, keyword optimization is important. Now, when I say keyword optimization, I am hoping that you’ve figured out at the least a few keywords which you plan to target.

Internal linking is key

So, internal linking is super important. Now once you have got that right, then outreach. Now, outreach is essentially reaching out to the influencers whom you have mentioned. Remember to tell them that you have mentioned them. If you haven’t mentioned any influencers, then try to reach people who you think would like what you wrote. There are many related bloggers in the industry, there are many people who would be interested in knowing if you wrote a fabulous case study.

Manually reach out to them, “telling them that” you have written this fabulous post, would you mind sharing it or provide your views on it? You never know such acts have worked for me, it can work for you as well. So, it’s something that you need to keep in mind. Also, keep sending a newsletter to your audience on regular basis.

I have seen so many blogs who do not send a newsletter to their audience but hope that they will come and check the blog but that doesn’t happen very often. You’ve got to reach out to them, tell them that ok we have this post ready or a couple of posts ready why don’t you check them out? Now, once “you’ve had” promoted it internally to your captive audience, the next set of the captive public you have is on your social media. I am assuming you have a Facebook and a Twitter profile, those are the basic direct audience. Some of you are active on LinkedIn. So depends on whatever social channels you have There are many content curation communities, Take Reddit alone. Reddit alone has countless subreddits. You will definitely find at least one subreddit under which you can possibly promote this article. You don’t want to be out and out spammy, but you can promote it out there.

Another thing that you should consider doing is participate in Q&A forums. Now, what do I imply by Q&A is places like Quora. It is one place which I have personally worked very often so whenever I have answered a few questions on Quora that I find relevant, I will give it a snippet of my blog post and then also include a link to the section.


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