Knowing how to curate content is exactly what Content Kingpin will teach you in its content curation course!

At the end of Content Kingpin’s masterclass, you’ll be able to curate content very quickly and easily. And you’ll also be able to do so and generate the best results. The days spent slaving away on writing content that doesn’t bring in clients or readers will be a thing of the past!

Introduction on How to Curate Content

As an introduction on what you can expect from the Content Kingpin course below is a quick overview of the simplified process that will anchor the gist of its chapters:

When curators are asked to define content curation, a majority of them will lay it out as three simple steps: find – organize – share. And the concept is really is as simple as that.

Step 1: Finding Content

Finding content is the process of filtering through the online universe of articles, blog posts, news, social media posts and comments on a given topic.

Finding Content

The most important things when it comes to looking for viable content are:

1. Quality
2. Time-relevance (when the content was written)

Step 2: Organizing Content

On organizing content, Content Kingpin teaches you how to do it manually first. The course masters believe that the ability to do the process manually is foundational for future curators. They believe that the manual method should be learned before a curator can move on to using any tools and apps.

When organizing content the most important things to remember are:

1. Properly attributing the various content sources
2. Providing a cohesive story context

Step 3: Sharing Content

Sharing content is essentially publishing your curated content onto your specific digital platforms. Content Kingpin will teach you how to create a process to eventually “automate” content sharing to make it as easy as it can be, which is especially useful if you manage multiple sites.

social media

Outsourcing Content Curation

The Content Kingpin course can easily be taught to anyone who wants to learn it. Should you decide to outsource the process, we can guarantee that your new hire can go through the course and learn the system in no time.

With Content Kingpin’s outsourcing chapters, you’ll only be writing content if you truly want to. Otherwise, you can train someone else to do it instead!