Content Kingpin will teach you a few different ways of curating. At the beginning of the course, you will be taught how to curate content manually. Being able to master manual curation will allow you to find the best content curation tools that will best suit your needs. The makers of Content Kingpin strongly believe that manual content curation skill is the best foundation for any content curation innovations that you may want to adopt moving forward.

Once you’ve achieved manual content curation mastery, you may now move on to investing in the use of a content curation software. Using a software can further simplify content curation at every step. And this can result in increased curating efficiency, which translates into producing curated content for even less time, effort, and money.

How Content Curation Software Works

Given the sheer number of content created daily, content curation software can help curators bring various sources onto one digital space or platform. This makes the process of finding and being up-to-date as easy as logging in to an account.

Content curation software also helps curators with organizing their curated content at both the “finding content” and at the “writing” stage. When the software searches online for content, they can already organize it as instructed by the curator. Some curators, for example, will instruct the software to arrange the content by topic, by date or by source.

At the “writing” stage, content curation software can also assist the curator by providing the curated content layout. With some software, curators can drag and drop content, write context text and edit in a single layout. Some content curation software can also give curators the option to use direct reply links to comments and posts made on social media.

For advanced content curation software users, various publishing options can be used to make managing multiple digital outlets as easy as possible. Some of the software available have the capability to automatically repurpose or tailor your curated content to various audiences and online platforms. Mass publishing will be as easy as a single click of a button.

Choosing the Right Content Curation Software

The Content Kingpin course will walk you through how to choose the right content curation software for your needs. The course will provide step-by-step instructions to help guide you towards making the best choice for you.