Content curation tools offer curators multiple helpful content curation services. On Content Kingpin, there will be very detailed discussions about this myriad of services, so that members can get the most out of the tools that they eventually decide to use.

Content Curation Services

Finding a tool that will house all the right content curation services for your needs is essential since it will bring you the efficiency in curating content that you’re looking for.

As most writers know, producing a single article or blog can take hours. All the research, writing, editing and source attribution needed for unique content takes a lot of time. What’s more, even before you can do all that, you’ll need to wade through hundreds or thousands of online content to find the few that you’ll need!

Without any curation services, we can only imagine how inefficient the content curation process will look like. Curation services are absolutely essential to making sure your time, efforts and money won’t be wasted when curating content!

The Content Kingpin course will provide you with all information you’ll need to the essential content curation services you’ll need to produce high authority content in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. The welcome video at our membership page gives a detailed introduction about how we can help you do this. There, we will also introduce our process for monetizing content curation, should you be interested in doing that.

Other Content Curation Services

Apart from teaching our members the fundamentals of content curation and teaching them how to make the best decisions on the tools and services they should use to maximize their time, Content Kingpin also has courses on social media curator and Tube Kingpin.

Social media curator tools are becoming increasingly relevant as people of all demographics start to move towards social media for both their news and personal communication needs. So much information can be found on social media by the second, making content curation especially important for finding the best quality content from this space.

Tube Kingpin is a course on content curation and marketing through YouTube videos. The course also discusses how to remarket effectively from already curated videos as a valuable add-on topic.