Another content curation tool that can be incredibly useful for curators is the content curation plugin.

A plugin is a software add-on that enhances an existing curation platform. Some of the most popular plugin examples are made specifically for WordPress. One of these is Curation SuiteTM, one of Content Kingpin’s favorites, which is one of the most comprehensive WordPress plugins currently available in the market.

What is a Content Curation Plugin?

A content curation plugin is essentially one of the content tools that curators can employ in the arsenal. Throughout this site we discuss many different ways of curating, and adding a content curation plugin is another viable option. While there are paid plugins, there are many good options that are being offered as free content curation tools as well.

Most content curation plugins make use of RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds or aggregators. RSS is an effective way to capture updated information from different sources around the web. RSS documents often provide a full or partial summary update. And they can also retrieve metadata, which includes important source information that’s essential for attribution.

How does a Content Curation Plugin Work?

RSS helps content creators syndicate their work and reach a larger audience as a result. It also takes away the reader’s need to visit multiple sites to get all the topic updates that they need.

RSS works by allowing browsers to aggregate published information on the web on any given topic dictated by the curator. Browser’s then put in the aggregated content they’ve gathered onto a single web page or document.

Advanced content curation plugins, can also have:

• Collaborative discussion capabilities, so that multiple people can comment and collaborate on the content being curated.

• Automatic source attribution best practices

• Varied media importing capabilities, be it: images, video or text

• Automatic content source redirection (often an optional feature)

The Content Kingpin Guarantee

In the Content Kingpin course, members can expect to learn about the pertinent details related to finding the best content curation plugins for their needs. There will be step-by-step video guides and written instructions that will guide them towards making the right choice for their requirements.