Social media curation is the art of finding the most interesting and reaction-inducing social media posts from the web. Given the billions of people who post on social media, this is obviously easier said than done.

Social media has become the communication medium of choice for many people. Celebrities go to social media to promote their brand and products. Politicians go to social media to promote their causes. Influencers get active on social media to promote their ideas. And everyday folk go to social media to share the details of their day-to-day lives to update their social circles.

So many things get said on social media at every second of every day. And the content has gotten only more interesting! Today social media has quickly evolved to encompass a host of innovative platforms that use a variety of media. Whereas Facebook and Twitter mainly use text, for example, Instagram has parlayed the photograph and Snapchat has popularized short video snippet.

Why Do Social Media Content Curation?

Almost everyone is on social media. And if everyone is there, the important, the hip, the forward-thinkers, and even their weird will be there too. Social media holds a veritable goldmine of possible content for curation!

When it comes to people of public interest – celebrities, politicians, religious leaders and other influencers – social media gives the masses direct access to their personal thoughts and opinions through their posts. If curators happen upon controversial posts made by these “important” people, for example, curating it into an impactful context could potentially make an article go viral and boost site traffic through the roof.

Social Media Curation Not Automatic

Social media curation can also act as a writer’s pulse to get to what’s important or relevant for his audience. Reading through comments or hashtags can give an actual glimpse of how people really feel about certain issues. Using actual comments to anchor curated articles, as an example can help provide a sense of credibility since comments are real opinions, not generalization or assumptions.

Content Kingpin teaches its members how to effectively go about social media curation. The details on where and how to find the best social posts will be thoroughly discussed in the course.