Curated websites are not only fun to read but they’re also some of the most highly authoritative sites for news and information when they’re done well.

There are curated content sites that use 100% curated content as their core site content. Others, on the other hand, use a mix of unique and curated content. Whichever the case, so long as the curation is done well, meaning the curated content is relevant and timely, it can easily be organized into high-quality information that’s very valuable for readers.

Aggregated News Websites

Two examples of aggregated news websites are Google News and The Huffington Post. These news sites rarely create their own news content. Instead, they aggregate news published by multiple sources online and consolidate it onto their page or platform.

Aggregated news websites are great for readers who want the ease of going onto a single digital space to get their news fix for the day. Sites such as these save readers the hassle of browsing different websites to keep updated on their topics of interest, be it: business, sports, lifestyle, finance, entertainment, or others.

The fact that Google News and The Huffington Post employs news curation does not diminish their reputation for being highly reputable news sources. This is because: (1) they take care to ensure that attribution is always on-point, (2) they have comprehensive data aggregation capacity and (3) they always keep their publishing timing hot of the press.

Curated Lifestyle Websites

BuzzFeed and Reddit are examples of insanely popular curated lifestyle websites.

A lifestyle website will curate content that encompasses news, personal materials, social media posts, short stories and life hacks, to name a few. Curated lifestyle websites will often need to define they are about to bring a context that ties the various stories that they curate.

Reddit, for example, curates content that is on the cusp of going or has already gone viral. BuzzFeed, on the other hand, makes fun and amusing content that has an informative spin to it.

Branded Websites

Branded websites or content-specific websites can also opt to use some curated content to freshen up their site content. An example is Intel. They’re known for their innovative curation of employee Tweets that wind up in their website stories. BMW is another example. They’ve been known to showcase videos of upcoming Hollywood movies that highlight their vehicles on their website.