Curated content sites are some of the best content curation examples there is. These sites showcase the simplicity of the curation principle and the unparalleled effectiveness that it can achieve.

What are Curated Content Sites?

Curated content sites are essentially websites that take content from various sources and aggregate them onto their platform. Some of the most relevant examples of these types of sites include Reddit, Upworthy, and The Huffington Post.

Some common characteristics of curated content sites include:

• They have large volumes of visitor traffic on a daily basis.
• They have substantial volumes of curated content.
• They use mixed media for curation: videos, text, photos, animations, etc.
• They maintain a good industry reputation.
• They have content that frequently gets re-curated by other blogs and digital outlets.

The Appeal of Curated Content Sites

Curated content sites fill the need that people have to filter the newest news and published information around them easily and efficiently.

Content creation has been at an all-time high since social media and digital publishing have lowered the barriers to self-publishing. Now, there’s no end to access information that’s available for any given topic at a single click of a button. The sheer volume of content has, naturally, also resulted in a lot of redundant information, misinformation and less than credible sources.

Now, more than ever, people really need content curation sites to ensure that all the nonsense gets filtered out at the onset. Most people only want to only see the best quality content (most news worthy, most relevant) of the day. And content curation sites really help make that happen for them.

How Content Kingpin Can Help

Content Kingpin can help proprietors of curated content sites to find the best sources of content from the web. A large portion of the course will be dedicated to teaching members how to find the most relevant, high quality and impactful content to curate on their sites.

The concept of finding content to curate may seem easy. But given the abundance of material online, there are specific tips and tricks that can help members go through the task with minimal effort and maximum results.