Content Kingpin’s final topic in its set of content curation examples is blog curation.

Blog curation is distinctly different from curated websites and curated social media because of its format. Blogs are usually conversational and very informal, often an individual’s curation media of choice to document hobbies, favorite topics, or day-to-day activities.

Blogs are known to be one of the most frequently updated web communication platforms. And loyal readers come back to blogs daily, sometimes multiple times a day, expecting fresh content every time.

A Curated Blog Vs. A Unique Content Blog

Not all blogs are curated blogs. Many blogs use 100% unique content. And there are also many who use a mix of curated and unique content.

The value of content curation for blogs is in the ease and speed of creating and publishing material. Blogs need to have frequent fresh content. Blogs that do not update their sites regularly will risk losing readership and relevance.

Unlike websites where readers can expect general information that will need less updating, blog readers want new posts every time they visit their favorite blog. A few days of inactivity may be forgivable but a week is really pushing it.

Thus, blog writers are constantly under pressure to produce content to satisfy their reader’s demand for it. For a one-man business or small team, this could prove very challenging due to time constraints and the risk of developing writer’s fatigue. And this is where using curated content can bring real tangible value to blogs.

Knowing How Much Curated Content to Use

There are a few opinions on the ideal ratio of curated content versus unique content in a curated blog. However, the underlying message is there should be a balance between valuable information and promotional information.

For blogs that have products or services to sell, if the promotional information written on an article takes up more space than valuable information that your readers clamor for, you’ll risk putting-off people and hurting your readership. So striking a good balance is very important. And you’ll learn more about how to do that with the Content Kingpin!