So by now, we know what Content Curation is. In this article, we will show various examples of how brands and businesses use Content Curation effectively. In the below article, Mitchell Hall writes about how curation is being used for storytelling.

Ten Great Examples of Content Curation in Action

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Most content marketers are familiar with the concept of content curation, even if they’re not practicing it themselves. Content curation is now a necessity for marketers looking to keep up with the demand for content and to build their thought leadership. But sometimes people don’t know where to start because they don’t have any good content curation examples to go off.

As they say in storytelling, it’s better to show rather than tell. To this end, rather than telling you how to curate, Curata decided to showcase content curation examples from several businesses successfully curating content for their brands. The following organizations are a selection of business and consumer-facing, curating both on their own platforms and through social channels. Click here to read more…

Content Curation plays a very important role. It not only reduces costs for business but also adds a different perspective with expert views. In the following article, Pam Neely writes about the importance of adding a perspective while curating content.

5 content curation examples so good they’ll make you jealous

You know how “a picture is both a thousand words”, right?

Well, sometimes just showing an example is the best way to illustrate an idea.

In that spirit, it seemed about time for a round up of some great examples of content curation. And while we might not have deliberately set out to do a “how to” article here, each of the examples has some excellent lessons to teach.

These are companies and publications that don’t just aggregate content – they add their own commentary and spin to what they curate. Every edition of their newsletter, every blog post, every social media share is chosen for a specific purpose and reviewed by a human before it is shared.

In other words, these sources curate their content like museum curators. They aim for quality rather than quantity. They rely on themes to group and organize their content. They often explain why something is important, or why they felt it was worthy of inclusion. Read more…

So make sure that content curation is part of your strategy to make an impact.